3DiS Technologies presented at SEMI’s 3D & System Summit in Dresden (2020)

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Ayad GHANNAM, 3DiS Technologies CEO presented “3D-RDL and Conformal High Aspect Ratio Pre-formed TPVs for RDL-First Type FO-Packages: Enabler of Advanced 3D Wafer-level System Packaging for 5G Applications” at SEMI’s 3D & System Summit. Nowadays, RF communication modules are integrated in an increasing number of electronic devices. With the tight requirements of 5G applications, these modules need to be compact, high performance, flexible and integrate advanced functions such as active and passive components and antennas. In his talk, Ayad discuss about how 3D-RDL and recently developed conformal high aspect ratio pre-formed TPVs (thru package vias) for RDL-First type FO-Packages, processed with 3DiS proprietary 3D-RDL within the standard RDL thin film process, answer these requirements thru enabling integration of advanced wafer-level 3D system packages. In particular, he demonstrated how substrate-based and substrate-less package interconnects with TPVs can be formed cost-effectively using such 3D-RDL technology.

About the event
The 3D & Systems Summit addressed the most relevant and advanced topics related to the 3D packaging roadmap, Heterogeneous Integration and System-In-Package manufacturing. The summit focused on high reliability and high performance of disruptive applications like Mobile and IoT. Invited distinguished global industry speakers, an exhibition area, B2B matchmaking, unique networking and business opportunities awaited all participants and exhibitors.

Event’s Location
The event took place in Dresden from January 27 – 29, 2019. It highlighted 3DIC Through-Silicon-Via (TSV), 2.5D, 3D FO-WLP/e-WLB, Active and passive interposers, Stacked dies & stacked wafers, 5G Integration and novel 3D packaging technologies.


3DiS Technologies thanks SEMI Europ for inviting our CEO to the Summit and for the allocated time slot for its talk.


SEMI 3D & Systems Summit

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